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TL;DR; The Open Up The Cloud Newsletter is a monthly newsletter on Cloud & Software Engineering.

Why should you sign up?

Basically I spend hours each month wading through the internet to find the best content about cloud engineering and summarise everything I find in this monthly newsletter.

You won't miss anything important each month, and you should learn a thing or two. I read every article I share.

What It Looks Like

And if you were curious about how the newsletter looks, it's a bit like this. I try to give each link context, and narrative about what I think is interesting or important.

Past Newsletters

And if you're curious to see how the previous newsletters looked, you can find them here:

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What People Are Saying

The @openupthecloud newsletter is by far my favorite newsletter! It’s a perfectly curated collection of articles on #CloudComputing that’s sure to benefit anyone interested in the #cloud. It’ll take me all week to go through all the great resources in the latest issue!

— John Butler (@johnbutlerdev) May 4, 2021


How often will I receive the newsletter?

The newsletter is sent out every month towards the end of each month, recapping the last. You can unsubscribe at any time should you need to.

What topics does the newsletter cover?

Things related to software engineering using cloud technologies. I try to include the best articles I can find, and the most important news announcements. The tech I cover most is: AWS, Serverless, Lambda, Terraform, etc.

Is the newsletter suitable for beginners?

I do put a lot of effort into ensuring both the newsletter and my own content is accessible to as many people as possible, for those new to cloud engineering and the seasoned veterans.

What makes the Newsletter unique?

There are lots of Software Engineer and/or Cloud newsletters, but the Open Up The Cloud newsletter puts these two topics together. I read every single article that I share. I also provide additional commentary on all articles for further reading, and to provide additional context.

About Me (Lou).

I'm Lou, I'm a Software Engineer. I started blogging/writing on my website about cloud technologies several years ago. I'm fascinated by how much there is to learn in cloud engineering and I have a (probably futile) desire to understand everything.

I always found keeping up with cloud updates a pain. Mostly it's because announcements and articles often lack the context of why I need to pay attention. I hope the newsletter does a good job improving this problem by providing context alongside each update of why it's important.

I've now settled on a monthly format for the newsletter, it seems the appropriate balance so the updates you get aren't outdated, but the content is also meaningful.

I hope you sign up to the newsletter, and if you do, I'd love to hear about what you're working on right now, to understand some more about the problems you're trying to solve.

Speak soon!

— Lou

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